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FAQs for Tax Amensty Scheme

How can I get copy of the Tax Amnesty Schemes? You can access and download copy of the Tax Amnesty Schemes from FBR website at   How to file declaration for availing Tax Amnesty? You will file declaration online at FBR site. For this purpose, FBR has prepared a detailed “User Guide” which, among other…

What is my User ID for Iris?

User Id for Iris is Registration Number which: In case of individual Pakistani, it is his 13-digits CNIC/NICOP (without dashes) In case of individual Non-Pakistani, it is his 7-digits NTN (excluding dash and check digit) In case of AOPs/Companies, it is his 7-digits NTN (excluding dash and check digit).

E-Enrollment on Iris for already registered Taxpayers

Enrollment (for Pakistani Salaried Persons, or Business Individuals) Navigate to Iris Login Page. Access Enrollment Form. Provide the following details and then submit the online Enrollment form. CNIC number, which shall be provided as 13 digits without “-” or spaces Cell No. must be registered on your name Email address You will receive “PIN codes” on…

How can I attach a document with a task?

Process for attaching a document with a task on Iris is as under: Click on “Attachment” Tab. Click on “+” Icon. A Dialog will open. Click on Magnifying Glass Icon against “Document” Field. “Search” Dialog will open. Again, Click on Magnifying Glass Icon. A list of Documents will open. Find relevant Document from the list.…

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