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How to check status of Sales Tax Refund

Taxpayer can view the status of refund claims through following options:   1. Check status via SMS To check status via SMS, send message on 9966 in format as shown below: System will verify mobile number in Iris profile and will send SMS to Taxpayer as shown in following sample: 2. Check status on eFBR Portal To view refund status report on eFBR Portal, Login on the eFBR Portal   Click on “Requests” then […]

How to file application for Sales Tax Refund

This article provides information regarding Sales Tax Refunds auto process through FASTER system implementation by FBR to process refund claims. The process is fully automated and does not need any manual or human intervene. Payments through FASTER claims will be process within 72 hrs. and Taxpayers will be notified during the process in case of any discrepancy found with the help of SMS alerts.

Iris – Application to File Condonation Request against Reference Order

Iris web application provides a platform to the Taxpayer to file condonation application against the time barred appeals. Taxpayer can only apply for appeal against the issued order within 30 days from the date of issuance. After the passage of 30 days, Taxpayer needs to submit condonation application. Once the CIR Appeal admits the condonation application, the taxpayer shall be able to file an appeal against the relevant reference order.

Iris – Application to File Appeal against Reference Order

Iris web application facilitates Taxpayers for submitting application online to file appeal against reference orders. Taxpayer is allowed to file appeal against Reference Orders such as Assessment Orders, Penalty Orders, Default Surcharge Orders and Other/Miscellaneous Orders. Please note that the Taxpayer can only apply for appeal against the issued order within 30 days from the date of issuance. After the passage of 30 days, Taxpayer needs to submit condonation application first to get permission for filing appeal against such reference orders.

Tax Asaan – POS Invoice Verification

A new functionality to verify Point of Sale (POS) invoices is provided under Tax Asaan mobile application as “Verify Invoice” feature. This verification service will help users to verify bills/invoices received from POS. User needs to enter only invoice number or scan the QR code and click verify. On successful verification the application will return all information of the provided invoice number. In case of unsuccessful verification, user can also report the unverified invoice number to FBR through Tax Asaan – Report Invoice feature for further action.

Technical Specification for Data Sharing through Software Fiscal Component from TIER 1 Retailer with FBR

The purpose of the document is to facilitate TIER 1 RETAILER to understand methods for invoice data sharing with FBR. The software fiscal component will be installed on the same computer on which POS is installed. The Fiscal component will be integrated with POS system to fiscalize the invoice and returns Fiscal Invoice Number. For further guidance on integration of retail outlets with board’s computerized system, please follow The Sales Tax Rules,2006 Chapter XIV-AA Online Integration of Tier-1 Retailers.

Simplified Sales Tax Registration – Iris

The main purpose of this system is to facilitate the taxpayer with easy and on the go facility for sales tax registration. The simplified sales tax registration module is available on both Iris web and mobile application. Now user can register for sales tax directly with minimal human interaction and does not need to visit RTO. All related documents for sales tax registration can be uploaded directly through the registration application and taxpayer can perform biometric verification from the nearest e-Sahulat center of NADRA.

Tax Asaan – e-Payments

Tax Asaan is a mobile application provides the facility of generating PSIDs for Income Tax and Sales Tax payments along with the additional facility of paying taxes online directly through designated bank accounts using Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) with or without login into Tax Asaan application.

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