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Iris – Registration as Purchaser

This module is available under Iris web application for Registration as Purchaser u/s 100D(4). Taxpayer can add details of purchased Building/Unit against already registered projects. To find details about adding project, please view help for “Declaration of Builder / Developer”. Similarly taxpayer can provide details about purchase of plot by selecting registered sellers only.

Iris for FBR Officials – Physical Verification Survey by Tax Officers

The purpose of “iris for FBR Officials – Mobile Workforce Management” application is to conduct Physical Verification Survey for taxpayers who have just applied for Sales Tax Registration. This application is developed for Android Tablets supported by specialized Biometric devices. After Filing of Sales Tax Registration, applicant is required to get its Biometric verification done through any NADRA e-Sahulat center. As soon as NADRA Biometric Verification is successfully done, a Physical Verification visits of the premises of the applicant will be scheduled and assigned to Tax office team as per jurisdiction. Verification team will will visit the taxpayer premises on the scheduled date and will conduct the survey in accordance with all the required officials SOPs. All the data will be recorded using this application.

How to submit application for certificate of residence

This article shall give a brief account of the steps which shall be taken by the tax payers to submit application for obtaining a certificate of residence. Tax payer shall follow the steps given below: Login to IRIS, enter your Registration Number and Password. After logging in, you shall land on the main screen. Now from the top menu bar, click on Registration. From Registration Drop down menu, click on Application For Obtaining Certificate of […]

Technical Specification for Data Sharing through Software Fiscal Component from TIER 1 Retailer with FBR

The purpose of the document is to facilitate TIER 1 RETAILER to understand methods for invoice data sharing with FBR. The software fiscal component will be installed on the same computer on which POS is installed. The Fiscal component will be integrated with POS system to fiscalize the invoice and returns Fiscal Invoice Number. For further guidance on integration of retail outlets with board’s computerized system, please follow The Sales Tax Rules,2006 Chapter XIV-AA Online Integration of Tier-1 Retailers.

Tax Asaan – Sign up (New Registration, e-Enrollment and Forgot Password)

To facilitate taxpayers, FBR has introduced a Registration as a new feature of Tax Asaan mobile application. This feature will help will help taxpayers to get register on Iris through Tax Asaan app. Just like Iris – web, now taxpayer can provide their required information on a simple form available on both android and IOS versions of the mobile app and can get their user/password directly on their registered mobile numbers and emails.
Not only new taxpayer can register through Tax Asaan, taxpayers that are already registered with FBR but does not have Iris login/password can get enrolled to obtain their online account credentials. The Application will facilitate both un-registered and NTN holders to get enrolled by filling a simple form through Signup options available in mobile application.

Simplified Sales Tax Registration – Iris

The main purpose of this system is to facilitate the taxpayer with easy and on the go facility for sales tax registration. The simplified sales tax registration module is available on both Iris web and mobile application. Now user can register for sales tax directly with minimal human interaction and does not need to visit RTO. All related documents for sales tax registration can be uploaded directly through the registration application and taxpayer can perform biometric verification from the nearest e-Sahulat center of NADRA.

NADRA e-Sahulat Centers – Biometric Verification of Taxpayers (Simplified Sales Tax Registration)

In order to Complete Sales Tax Registration process, the persons registered using the Simplified Sales Tax Registration application(Iris or Tax Asaan mobile application), would be required to visit an e-Sahulat Center of NADRA within one month from the date of registration for bio-metric verification. Following is the District wise list of NADRA e-Sahulat Centers available for bio-metric verification…….

Tax Asaan – Online Verification Services

Iris for Taxpayers is an android mobile application with a collection of frequently accessed features of Iris web application. The main purpose of this system is to facilitate the taxpayer with easy and on the go access of critical information like simplified e-Payment, checking ATL status or CPR Utilization status etc. As this application is the lighter version of main web application so it is highly performance centric as well as easy to use. Currently the Iris for Taxpayers application is available for android users only and does not need any complex integration settings. User can simply download and install Iris for Taxpayers from play store directly on one tap.

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