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Tax Asaan – Sign up (New Registration, e-Enrollment and Forgot Password)

To facilitate taxpayers, FBR has introduced a Registration as a new feature of Tax Asaan mobile application. This feature will help will help taxpayers to get register on Iris through Tax Asaan app. Just like Iris – web, now taxpayer can provide their required information on a simple form available on both android and IOS versions of the mobile app and can get their user/password directly on their registered mobile numbers and emails.
Not only new taxpayer can register through Tax Asaan, taxpayers that are already registered with FBR but does not have Iris login/password can get enrolled to obtain their online account credentials. The Application will facilitate both un-registered and NTN holders to get enrolled by filling a simple form through Signup options available in mobile application.

Tax Asaan – Online Verification Services

Iris for Taxpayers is an android mobile application with a collection of frequently accessed features of Iris web application. The main purpose of this system is to facilitate the taxpayer with easy and on the go access of critical information like simplified e-Payment, checking ATL status or CPR Utilization status etc. As this application is the lighter version of main web application so it is highly performance centric as well as easy to use. Currently the Iris for Taxpayers application is available for android users only and does not need any complex integration settings. User can simply download and install Iris for Taxpayers from play store directly on one tap.

New Registration of Individuals for Income Tax

New Registration of Individual for Income Tax (Resident) via Iris Navigate to Iris Login Page. Go to Registration for Unregistered Person on the login page and enter the following fields in the correct format: CNIC number Name (First, Middle, and Last) Cell No. (Must be registered on your name) Email address   You will receive “PIN codes” on your provided “Cell No.” and “Email Address”. Enter the PIN codes that are received on your registered […]

New Registration of Company for Income Tax

Companies yet to register with SECP Upon registering with SECP, all new companies are automatically registered for Income Tax and allotted an NTN number. The registered head of the company (for the company registered in this manner) will receive their company’s Iris login credentials on their cell number and email address provided to SECP.   Companies already registered with SECP The Principal Officer/ authorized representative of the company visits their relevant CRTO / LTU along […]

New Registration of AOP for Income Tax

The principal officer/representative of AOP visits their relevant RTO along with the following documents: Original CNIC of the Principal Officer / Authorized Representative. Copy of CNICs of all Partners (every partner must be registered with FBR). Cell phone with SIM registered against principal officer/ authorized representative own CNIC. Email address belonging to the AOP or authorized representative. Certificate of maintenance of bank account in AOP’s name. Evidence of tenancy / ownership of business premises. Paid […]