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How can I delete a mistakenly created wrong task?

Process for deleting a mistakenly created wrong task on Iris is as under: On the Dashboard Screen, Click on “Draft” Folder. Then Click on the relevant Folder in which the said task is available. Select the task you want to delete in the Central Grid. It will turn yellow on selection and “Delete” Button on Horizontal Bar will be enabled. Click “Delete” Button. The task will be deleted. Select correct task from the Horizontal Bar […]

How can I attach a CPR with a task?

You can attach a CPR with a task, on Iris, as under: For attaching a CPR, Click on “Payment” Tab. Click on “+” Icon. A Dialog will open. Click on Magnifying Glass Icon against “Search” Field. “Search” Dialog will open. Again, Click on Magnifying Glass Icon. A list of CPRs will open. Find relevant CPR from the list. Click on “Select” Hyperlink against the CPR. Click “OK” Button.  

How can I reset a new Password as I have forgotten the old Password?

Process to reset a new Password in Iris is as follows: Access Iris log-in Screen at the following URL: Click “Forgot Password” Link under the log-in Dialog. “Forgot Password” Dialog will open. Enter data in all fields, this information must be same as already provided by you on registration application. Click “Submit” Button. Verification codes shall be sent on the registered email and cell number. Enter SMS Code received on cell, and Email Code received […]

How can I file Application for reduced rate of withholding tax on Import of raw material?

You can file Application for reduced rate of withholding tax on Import of raw material on Iris, as under: The taxpayer will e-file a single “(Application u/s 159(1) / 148 for reduced rate of withholding tax on Import) (FOR QUOTA ALLOCATION)” for the whole year. The taxpayer will indicate his overall annual requirement of raw material, including HS Code(s), quantity of raw material consumed during previous year and quantity of raw material required during current […]

Active Taxpayers List – Who is a Filer?

LAW Under Section 2(23A) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, Filer means a person whose name appears in the Active Taxpayers List (ATL), maintained under powers derived from Section 181A of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 A person’s name is included in ATL if the person has filed return u/s 114 or a statement u/s 115. In case of a company or and AOP where incorporation or formation date is after 30th June relevant to the […]

Browser Requirement for Iris

Iris is accessible through every latest browser i.e. (Chrome version 37+, Opera, Internet Explorer version 9+, Firefox, Netscape, and Safari). However, recommended browser is Google Chrome. For Internet Explorer use default settings and do not turn-on the Compatibility Mode.

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