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Technical Specification for Data Sharing through Software Fiscal Component from TIER 1 Retailer with FBR

The purpose of the document is to facilitate TIER 1 RETAILER to understand methods for invoice data sharing with FBR. The software fiscal component will be installed on the same computer on which POS is installed. The Fiscal component will be integrated with POS system to fiscalize the invoice and returns Fiscal Invoice Number. For further guidance on integration of retail outlets with board’s computerized system, please follow The Sales Tax Rules,2006 Chapter XIV-AA Online Integration of Tier-1 Retailers.

How to create Payment Challan / PSID (for Income Tax)

PSID can be generated from eFBR portal with or without login. Taxpayer having login/password for eFBR portal shall login to system to generate PSID as most of their information will appear pre-filled based on their registered account information. Taxpayers with no login/password for the eFBR portal shall generate PSID directly through main menu for “e-Payments” without login to system.

Tax Asaan – e-Payments

Tax Asaan is a mobile application provides the facility of generating PSIDs for Income Tax and Sales Tax payments along with the additional facility of paying taxes online directly through designated bank accounts using Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) with or without login into Tax Asaan application.

Tax Asaan – Online Verification Services

Iris for Taxpayers is an android mobile application with a collection of frequently accessed features of Iris web application. The main purpose of this system is to facilitate the taxpayer with easy and on the go access of critical information like simplified e-Payment, checking ATL status or CPR Utilization status etc. As this application is the lighter version of main web application so it is highly performance centric as well as easy to use. Currently the Iris for Taxpayers application is available for android users only and does not need any complex integration settings. User can simply download and install Iris for Taxpayers from play store directly on one tap.