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How to create Payment Challan / PSID (for Income Tax)

PSID can be generated from eFBR portal with or without login. Taxpayer having login/password for eFBR portal shall login to system to generate PSID as most of their information will appear pre-filled based on their registered account information. Taxpayers with no login/password for the eFBR portal shall generate PSID directly through main menu for “e-Payments” without login to system.

Tax Asaan – e-Payments

Tax Asaan is a mobile application provides the facility of generating PSIDs for Income Tax and Sales Tax payments along with the additional facility of paying taxes online directly through designated bank accounts using Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) with or without login into Tax Asaan application.

How to pay taxes through ADC (Alternative Delivery Channel) – Tax Payment through Internet / ATM / Mobile

Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) payment mode facilitates taxpayers to make payment directly from any commercial bank account through advanced methods, such as: Internet Banking Websites ATM Mobile Banking Call center facilities The mentioned options shall bring efficiency and convenience for taxpayers and improve the ease for tax compliance and tax collections. Benefits of using internet based FBR tax collections through ADC: Easier, modern, user friendly method for tax payments of FBR. Efficient and fast tax […]