How to Register & File Declaration and repatriation of assets and income held outside Pakistan under Ordinance , 2018

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How to Register for Tax Amnesty ? (If you are already registered taxpayer, use your exiting Iris Login credentials to file Amnesty Tax Declarations)

Click here to view procedure to Register for Tax Amnesty.


How to open Foreign Assets Declaration Form ?

  1. Open the FBR Iris portal URL:,  following screen will be displayed:
  2. Enter your Registration No. / CNIC / NICOP No. in  “Registration No.” field
  3. Enter your Password (received on email while registration)
  4. Click the Login button.
  5. After successful login, Iris Dashboard Screen shall appear:

How to fill Foreign Assets Form?


  1. Select the “Tax Amnesty” tab from Mega Menu.
  2. To file declaration of Foreign Assets select “Declaration and repatriation of assets and income held outside Pakistan” from menu options.
  3. Following screen shall appear .
  4. Click “Period” button.
  5. Following screen shall appear:
  6. Enter the “2018” in “Tax Period” field and click ““.
  7. Click the “Select” link.
  8. System shall open the amnesty declaration form, you can enter the relevant information in input fields :
  9. Clicking the “Liquid assets not repatriated” section shall display the following screen:
  10. Clicking the “Immovable Property” section shall display the following screen:
  11. Enter amount information in input fields enabled for editing.
  12. To provide more details of any amount, Click  button provided in front of amount row, dialog shall appear.
  13. Click button to remove mistakenly added information.
  14. Click ” ” button:
  15. System shall display your calculated information in disabled fields.


How to make payment ?


Prepare PSID from FBR Portal

  1. Open the e-FBR portal by entering  in you internet browser.
  2. Click on “e-Payments” tab and “Income Tax” from the drop down list,
  3. Following screen shall appear:
  4. Click on “e-Payments” tab from the available menu.
  5. Then select “Create Payments” from the drop down menu.
  6. finally select “Foreign Amnesty -2018“.
  7. The following screen shall appear.
  8. Select year “2018” from the “Tax Year” drop down list.
  9. Select “CNIC” from “Select Type” field and enter your CNIC / NICOP No. (with dashes e.g. #####-#######-#) in the text field, as shown in screen:
  10. The system shall automatically fill your name and other related fields.
  11. Following screen shall appear:
  12. Tax payment nature field shall be selected as default.
  13. Tax Payment Section shall also be selected as “92033 – 5 – Payment of tax under foreign assets (Declaration & Repatriation) Act 2018“.
  14. Enter the tax amount information:
    1. Enter the Total tax amount to be paid in “Amount in figures” field.
    2. The system shall automatically convert the entered amount in US Dollars.
  15. Select your mode of payment from the available list (Cash, Cheque, Pay Order).
  16. Re-enter the total tax amount in “Amount” field.
  17. Enter your Email and mobile No. (optional field), you will receive email/SMS intimation on these contacts, as shown below.
  18. Press “Create” button, the system shall ask confirmation and display the following screen :
  19. PSID No. shall be displayed at the top of page. (you can note down the PSID number or print it by clicking “Print” button)

Deposit Payment

For Foreign amnesty , Please follow the procedure notified by State Bank of Pakistan. Click here to download the SOP.


How to Submit Amnesty Declaration Form ?


  1. Login to FBR Iris website and the following screen shall appear:
  2. Click the “Drafts” from the left menu
  3. Click the tax amnesty declaration from grid
  4. Click “Edit” button from action bar
  5. Following screen shall appear
  6. Click “Payment” Tab
  7. Following screen shall appear
  8. Click lick  button provided at the right most corner to attach CPR details in the following screens:
  9. Enter the CPR No. in the search Grid and press ““.
  10. System shall display the CPR as received from Bank
  11. Note: You can attach multiple CPRs with the amnesty declaration form, provided that total amount of all attached CPRs must be equal or above the calculated tax in rupees
  12. Click on “Verification” tab.
  13. Please read the declaration carefully and enter your PIN (received by you on SMS/Email while registration). if you have forgotten your PIN, go to main Iris Dashboard screen and click “Change PIN” on top-right of the screen.
  14. Click “Verify PIN” button
  15. Click on the “Submit” button at the top of the tab to submit the declaration.
  16. After the declaration has been submitted, the information is displayed as read-only and cannot be changed.
  17. To print the amnesty declaration, click on the “Print” button.

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  1. If i have no bank account in Pakistan or abroad.
    Then can I pay the tax by filling asset in tax amnesty scheme?

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