How to Register for Tax Amnesty

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How to Register for Tax Amnesty ?


  1. Open the FBR Iris portal URL:,  following screen will be displayed:
  2. If you are already registered taxpayer, use your exiting Iris Login credentials to file Amnesty Tax Declarations.
  3. If you are unregistered person, click “Registration for Tax Amnesty (If not already registered)” link shown in above screenshot.

    : If you register using this option, you will ONLY have access to Amnesty Declarations and will NOT be able to do other tasks such as filing income tax return.
  4. Following screen shall appear
  5. Enter either CNIC / NICOP No. (without dashes) in “CNIC / NICOP” field.
  6. Select your prefix from the available list.
  7. Enter First, Middle and Last Name in the available columns.
  8. Enter your” Cell No.” in cell No. field.
  9. Re-enter provided cell no. in “Confirm Cell No.” field.
  10. Enter your Email address in “Email” field.
  11. Re-enter your email address in “Confirm Email” field.
  12. Enter Captcha text from Image.
  13. Click “ ” button if text in Captcha image is not visible.
  14. After typing Captcha text, click “Submit” button.
  15. System shall send login credentials to your “Email Address” , and “Cell No.” (in case of local Pakistani cell number).


NOTE: Taxpayer registered using this option shall only be able to file amnesty declarations under Tax Amnesty Ordinance III & IV, 2018

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  1. Why this new method (Registration for Tax Amnesty) for registration is introduced when normal registration method is available

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