New Registration of Company for Income Tax

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Companies yet to register with SECP

Upon registering with SECP, all new companies are automatically registered for Income Tax and allotted an NTN number. The registered head of the company (for the company registered in this manner) will receive their company’s Iris login credentials on their cell number and email address provided to SECP.


Companies already registered with SECP

  1. The Principal Officer/ authorized representative of the company visits their relevant CRTO / LTU along with the following documents:
      • Original valid CNIC of the Principal Officer/ authorized representative.
      • Cell phone with SIM registered against Principal Officer / authorized representative’s own CNIC.
      • Email address belonging to the Company or authorized representative.
      • Certificate of maintenance of bank account in Company’s name.
      • Evidence of tenancy / ownership of business premises.
      • Paid utility bill of business premises not older than 3 months.
      • Registration certificate from Registrar of Societies, in case of a society.
      • Registration certificate from respective country, in case of a foreign company.
      • Valid CNICs copy of all directors of the company.
      • Valid passport copies of all the directors of the company (in case of foreign directors).
      • Original letter on letterhead of the company, verifying the Principal Officer / authorized representative, authorizing him for conducting registration process on company’s behalf.
  2. The Facilitation officer at the CRTO / LTU verifies the documents start new registration process on Iris by performing the next few steps.
  3. Enter relevant information in “181 (Form of Registration filed voluntarily) (Income Tax)” as per provided documents.
  4. Enter complete information where mandatory.
  5. Scan and attach the relevant documents and submit the application.

In case of a foreign company it is mandatory that one of the directors should be Pakistani national. Facilitation Officer suggests the Principal Officer to get a print of “181 (Order to grant / refuse registration on application)” by logging in to his own account through the password already been issued to taxpayer on registered cell and Email. Informs the Taxpayer about use and safe custody of the password and his account.

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