New Registration of AOP for Sales Tax

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      1. The nominated member/ authorized representative visits their relevant RTO along with the following documents/information:
          • Request on Letter Head of the Business.
          • Tax Registration Form (TRF-01 Form)
          • Original CNIC of the nominated member/ authorized representative.
          • Valid passport copies of all the members of the AOP (in case of foreign members).
          • A letter on the letterhead of the AOP signed by all partners, verifying that the said partner / representative is nominated and authorized for Sales Tax Registration.
          • Cell phone with SIM registered against nominated member/ authorized representative’s own valid CNIC.
          • Shall already have an “Email Address”.
          • Evidence of tenancy along with CNIC of Landlord/Landlady. In case name on Electricity bill differs with the name of lessor, ownership proof must require.
          • Ownership documents (such as registered sale deed or registered transfer deed) of business premises in case of owned property.
          • Paid Electricity bill of business premises not older than 3 months (electricity). Affidavit is required if incomplete address is mentioned on electricity bill.
          • Bank account certificate issued by the bank in the name of business.
          • Distribution certificate from the principal showing distributorship or dealership in case of distributor or dealer.
          • Particulars of all branches in case of multiple branches at various locations
          • Particulars of all franchise holders in case of national or international franchise.
          • List of machinery and raw material in case of manufacturer.
            Industrial meter in case of manufacturer.
          • Demarcation of business premises in case of manufacturer.
          • Partnership deed along with Form C (if required)
      2. In case of foreigners as members in an AOP, it is mandatory that one member should be Pakistani national.
      3. The Facilitation officer at the RTO verifies the documents and starts new registration process by performing the next few steps
      4. Completes, 14(1) (Form of Registration filed voluntarily) (Sales Tax) application with complete business address and enters complete information where mandatory.
      5. Performs bio-metric verification and saves data (thumb impression and photo) on IRIS.
      6. Verifies firm’s registration.
      7. Scans and attaches the relevant documents and submits the application.

Facilitation Officer suggests the Taxpayer to get a print of “14(1) (Form of Registration filed voluntarily) (Sales Tax)” by logging in to his own account through the password already been issued to taxpayer on registered cell and Email. The facilitation officer further informs the Taxpayer about use and safe custody of the password and his account. If the System generates the error message “Transaction not allowed, as pre-requisite transaction has not been started / completed”, the Facilitation Officer will start “181 (Form of Registration filed for modification) (Income Tax)” first, complete it and then start “14(1) (Form of Registration filed voluntarily) (Sales Tax)”.


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