What is Iris ADX ?

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Iris-ADX (Asynchronous Data Exchange) is a Client-End software that enables the taxpayers/e-intermediaries to prepare tax returns on their own computer without internet connectivity (being offline) and later submit the tax documents to FBR IT system. The application ensures ease of doing business by allowing offline preparation of declarations for Income Tax Return and Sales Tax Invoices.

Once the sales invoices/income tax returns are processed in the offline mode, you can upload them to FBR’s IT system as per your need. The application is especially facilitating tax consultants to share the workload by creating multiple users in ADX software.


for Taxpayers

  1. Prepare Income Tax Return (offline
  2. Prepare Wealth Statement (offline)
  3. Issue Sales Invoices (offline)
  4. Submit / Upload data to FBR IT System (as per need)

for Tax Consultants / E-Intermediaries

  1. Create multiple users on ADX
  2. Prepare Income Tax Return on behalf of registered clients (offline
  3. Prepare Wealth Statement on behalf of registered clients (offline)
  4. Submit / Upload data to FBR IT System (as per need)


  • Tax Database on your own computer – ADX shall store copy of all tax documents on your own computer. You can keep backup of your tax documents for later use.
  • Historical Data availability – You can view history of tax related transactions and documents submitted to FBR on your own computer.
  • Offline Processing – The system does not require Internet Connectivity to prepare tax documents, that was the main hindrance for people when they opted to file tax returns. However, internet is only required when any electronic communication is required with FBR IT system.
  • Speed/Efficiency – You shall not face peak loads and system downtime issues, the ADX application is installed on your own computer and works independently from FBR IT system.
  • Flexibility – In case of bulk data, application streamlines the data communication process as two entities i.e. Client-end application and Iris online system can exchange information at their own pace.


  • User Management – The client-end system provides User Management functionality, in order to allow multiple users to prepare tax returns being offline. The system is also capable of maintaining and defining roles for each user.
  • Income Tax Returns – This module allows taxpayers / tax consultants to prepare draft Income Tax Returns in offline mode and later submit the Income Tax Returns to Iris online system. It possess the functionality of maintaining logs of all the Income Tax Returns drafted, processed, submitted.
  • Sales Invoices –  ADX Sales Invoice module allows the taxpayer to generate sales tax invoices in off-line mode and upload them to FBR IT system when needed. The solution allows importing of sales invoices in the form of excel files as well.
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