Step by Step Guide for Installing Iris-ADX

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1 – Who should install Iris-ADX?


Iris-ADX is a desktop application which runs in a Client-Server environment. This is an optional solution. The main purpose of launching this application is to facilitate Intermediaries with multi-user environment at their premises to work in offline mode. Once the return is prepared (offline), internet connectivity is required to calculate and submit online in off-peak hours (recommended). Individual taxpayers may install and use but may find online filing of single case easier than filing through Client-Server Application.


2 – System Requirements


Client System Requirements:

Operating System

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Application Memory Requirements

Hard drive 80 Gigabytes (minimum)

Ram 8GB (Recommended) – (Minimum 4GB)

Application CPU Requirements

Processor: Intel Core i3 and above (such as Intel Core i5, or Intel Core i7)

Wired Networking: Ethernet LAN Port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle (OR)

Wireless Networking: 802.11n


Server System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

Microsoft Office Excel 2010

.Net v3.5/ .Net v4.5.2

Availability of 24/7 Internet

Application Memory Requirements

Hard drive 250 Gigabytes (minimum)

Ram 8GB

Application CPU Requirements

Processor: 64-bit, four-core, 2.5 GHz minimum per core.

Wired Networking: Ethernet LAN Port or USB Ethernet Adapter/Dongle (OR)

Wireless Networking: 802.11n

Database Requirements:

MS SQL Server (2005 or later version).


3 – Skills required to install Iris-ADX


The following installation guide is for persons who have basic computer knowledge.


4 – Installation of Iris-ADX Application


        1. Download and save the IRIS-ADX file in a location with sufficient space.
        2. Open the folder containing the downloaded zip file and extract the contents.
        3. In the extracted folder as shown below, run the “IRIS-ADX Setup.exe” file to start the installation. (Note: If you already have prerequisites installed on your PC then the steps that concern installation of Microsoft .NET Framework & SQL Server will be skipped)
        4. The following screen shall appear asking to install prerequisite programs required for installation:
        5. Click on Install to continue. This step will require availability of Internet. Setup will download and install .Net Framework 4.5.2. Please note that if this process fails, you will not be able to run Iris-ADX properly. However, in case of some problem here, you can find the link on Iris-ADX download page to download this framework later, but before running Iris-ADX.
        6. The system will start downloading and installing Microsoft .Net Framework automatically.
        7. Once Microsoft .NET Framework installation is complete, a success message shall appear as shown below, click on Finish button.
        8. Now, Iris-ADX Installation Wizard will prompt on screen to continue as shown below:
        9. When visible, click on the Next button to continue with the installation. 
        10. In order to proceed, read and print (optional) the license agreement carefully and select the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” and click the “Next” button as shown in the figure below.
        11. Select a setup type for your installation that best suits your needs i.e either Complete or Custom.
          The Complete option will install all Iris-ADX Components that include  of Microsoft SQL Server Express 2012, Iris-ADX Database, Iris-ADX Data Synchronization Service along with Iris-ADX application.
          You may select Custom installation if you want to choose which program features you want installed. This option is intended for expert users. Here you can skip SQL Server Installation if you already have one installed at your premises.
        12. If you have selected Complete installation (Recommended for noob users), click Next.  Please skip to step 16.
        13. If you are willing to perform advance installation, select Custom option as shown below. 
        14. Please choose the program features as per your need, select path for installation and click Next.
        15. If you are satisfied with your selection click on Install button to continue installation. However if necessary, you may click on Back button to review or change any of your installation settings.
        16. Once the installation begins, a dialogue will prompt asking you to install Microsoft SQL Server 2012, select Yes.
        17. The following screen shall appear, where you can analyse installation status.
        18. Microsoft SQL Server installation will begin automatically in the background. 
        19. Once installation is prepared, the following message shall emerge on screen. Please wait.
        20. The following screen shall appear with SQL Server installation progress, let it complete.
        21. Once SQL Server installation is complete, the above screen shall disappear.
        22. You shall be able to see progress of Iris-ADX installation as shown.
        23. Once the installation is complete, the following success message shall appear. Select Finish.
        24. It is strongly recommended to Re-boot/Re-start your computer after the completion of installation.
        25. In order to start the application, double click on the “Iris-ADX.exe” shortcut <> icon on your desktop. Alternatively, you can find the same under “Federal Board of Revenue” folder in Programs Menu of Windows.
        26. On starting the application for the first time, the following screen shall appear on screen: 
        27. Click on Load Available Sql Servers button. By doing so, your server name shall appear in SQL Server field. (Note: If you are using PC in a network than you shall select your PC name SQL Server from the dropdown list.)
        28. If you are using Iris-ADX for the first time then you shall proceed with the default selected option i.e. Attach Database. This option creates and attaches new database with Installed SQL Server and will configure database settings with application.
        29. You may choose to use existing Iris-ADX Database if this in not your first installation. Select Choose Existing Database option, click on Load Database and select IRIS ADX from the dropdown menu. Anyhow, If you are willing to create a new database then you may select Attach Database option.
        30. Click Proceed.
        31. On clicking proceed, a success message shall appear. Click Ok.
        32. Now double click on Iris-ADX <> icon again to run the application.


      8 – Login and Synchronize Iris-ADX with your online profile


      Once the installation process is complete, you can now easily log onto the system and start managing your Income Tax Returns and Sales Invoices using the Iris-ADX application.

      1. Open Iris-ADX application by clicking <> icon placed on your desktop. The following screen will be displayed:
      2. Enter the default User Name (Admin) and Password (123456) and click the Login button to continue. You may close the login screen by clicking the Close button anytime. Please (i.e 123456). So it is strongly recommended that you change the default password for enhanced security of your data. The following screen shall appear:IRIS-ADX Home Screen
      3. In order to synchronize your online Iris profile with Iris-ADX, move the click the settings menu <> and click on Synchronize Profile option, as shown below:
      4. You’ll see the following screen:
      5. Provide your online User Name (Registration number) and Password (Iris online password) and click the Login button.
      6. The system shall verify your user credentials, in case you fail to provide correct User Name and Password, system shall show the relevant error message.
      7. This will synchronize data of your  as well your Clients’ in Iris-ADX.


      6 – Upgrade IRIS ADX

      If you already have IRIS ADX installed and tend to upgrade it to the latest version, then proceed with the following steps:

      1. Download IRIS ADX Patch: IRIS ADX Patch
      2. Unzip rar folder, you shall see a list of folder and files.
      3. Double click on “IRIS-ADX Setup” as shown in the pic below: 
      4. The following dialogue shall open verifying IRIS ADX upgrade, select Yes
      5. Incase your system is lacking any prerequisite softwares, a screen shall appear to install them first, an example is shown as follows: 
      6. Click on Install and the pending program shall be installed. 
      7. On successful installation, you shall now see Iris-ADX Wizard screen appeared on screen. 
      8. Click Next to continue with upgrade installation.
      9. The following dialogue shall appear, select No
      10. Your Iris-ADX shall be successfully upgraded.


      5 – Installing Iris-ADX Windows Service

      1. Download and save the “IRIS-ADX Sync Service” file in a location with sufficient space.
      2. Open the folder containing the downloaded zip file and extract the contents.
      3. In the extracted folder, run “IRIS-ADX Service Setup.exe” file to start the installation. The following screen shall appear:
      4. When visible, click on the “Next” button to continue with the installation as shown in the figure below.
      5. In order to proceed, print and read the license agreement carefully and select “I accept the terms in the license agreement”, click “Next” button as shown in the figure below.
      6. Add your Name and Organization name in the fields as shown in the figure below and click “Next”.
      7. To install the complete application proceed by clicking the “Next” button as shown in the figure below.
      8. Click “Install” button as shown in the figure below.
      9. Installation of the Synchronization Service shall start. In case, you are prompted for permission to install the service, please click on “Yes” to continue.
      10. When the Installation is successful, you will see the following screen.
      11. Your Iris ADX application has successfully updated to the latest version. Proceed using it by double clicking its <> icon.
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9 comments on Step by Step Guide for Installing Iris-ADX

  1. I hired a programmer to make it work for me but after successful installation application is giving errors. The programmer contended that back-end database is not complete and missing some procedures. for example “proc_Reg_Clients_InActive”

    1. These Issue has been fixed. Please download Fresh copy of the Database. Remove the Current IrisADX Database and Restore the freshly downloaded Database. now you can run the Appliction Safely. If you are seeing enr error message like “Resources\GeneralErrorandVaildMessage.resx”, then you will have to Remove Iris-ADX Application from your System. Now download fresh copy of Iris-ADX Application, install and configure it (as per process described in Iris-ADX Instalaltion Guide) and continue.

  2. Hello


    Please suggest how can i autheticate.

    1. Click on Second (from Right) on the Top Right Corner of Iris-ADX application and then Click Synchronize Profile. Provide your Iris Login ID and Password, upon successfull authentication, you will be able to proceed.

  3. I have successfully installed iris ADX application but when i am trying to start iris adx synchronization service for synchronize data, it give me an error message “The Iris ADX synchronization Service service on local computer started and then stoped”.
    please sir let me know the proper solution of this.

    Thank you..

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