CPR correction for Income Tax, Sales Tax and FED

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FBR has introduced e-procedure for CPR correction to facilitate taxpayers for the year 2018 and onwards.Taxpayer can now easily submit their CPR correction application by logging in Iris software though their registered account for tax filing.

The e-procedure is applicable for CPR correction of Income Tax, Sales Tax and FED. Tax payer can submit application online for the CPR correction in case of incorrect Name, Address, NTN/CNIC, Tax Year/Tax Period and Payment Code/ Payment Section.

Following are the steps to file CPR correction online through Iris Software:

1 – Access Iris through the URL https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/public/txplogin.xhtml and login with your registered account credentials.

2 – After Login to Iris, user can find a tab in main menu with the title as “CPR Correction”. Mouse over the menu tab will load the application link for CPR Correction. Click on the link stated as “Correction for Income Tax, Sales tax and FED”.

3 – As a result of step 2, Iris will load CPR correction application window.

4 – Click on “Period” button to select the desired tax year as done for filing Tax Return.

5 – After Tax Year Selection, user can see the CPR application window with three tabs as Contents, Attachment and Assignment.

6 – Content Tab will be open as selected by default. User can write the application content in the provided space.

7 – After adding content, click on “Attachment” Tab. Iris will load file attachments section for the CPR application. To attach desired document click on “+” sign as shown in below screen.

8 – As soon as user clicks on “+” sign, an “Attach Document” window will be displayed on screen. Please note that in order to submit CPR application tax payer must attach following documents through this application or otherwise the application may get rejected for being incomplete.

  • Scanned copy of CPR (To be corrected).
  • Scanned Copy of CNIC.
  • In case of mistake made by withholding agent, scanned copy of letter from withholding agent and affidavit from the tax payer on stamp paper that amendment may be made in CPR.
  • For correction of NTN / CNIC in CPR, scanned copy of affidavit from the person on whose name the payment has been deposited mistakenly.

9 – To attach the desired document click on search icon given in attachment window.

10 – Iris will load the required document list for selection. Click on “Select” link given under “Action” column in front listed document.

11 – After selecting the  desired document, Iris will redirect user back on “Attach Document” window with name of selected document in “Document” field. Now click on Choose File button to browse the scanned copy of selected document and click on to Attach.

12- Repeat the steps to attach all required documents one by one. [To attach scanned copy of letter from withholding agent and affidavit from the tax payer on stamp paper, user can select the same document description twice from the provided “Document” window i.e. once for attaching Letter and second time for attaching affidavit.]

13 – After attaching documents, click on save to keep the application as draft for later submitting or directly click on “Submit” button to send application. Please note that once submitted, the application will be no longer editable.

On successful submission of the CPR correction application, the user can monitor the progress through “Assignments” tab, whereas after CPR correction or application rejection the applicant will be informed electronically. User can view the application available in Iris Outbox in read-only mode.  In order to view further correspondence from tax officer over CPR Correction application, kindly keep checking Iris-Inbox.


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