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Liberated Model – Technical Specifications

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FBR wants to digitally transform its Income Tax Return Services to unlock its business functionality, so that any 3rd Party can use IT Return Services to develop a system for income Tax return filing. This will in return create business agility, promote innovation, collaboration and a seamless experience to its taxpayers. FBR is looking forward for third-party e-return alliance which will lead to a greater competition in software industry, providing taxpayers to choose and file income tax return over preferable platforms based on their own ease and preferences.

FBR is providing IT Return Services to leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to third party software developers to develop their own Income tax return applications on any desired platform (i.e. mobile, web etc.). These 3rd party software developers will be free to design IT Return software as per their own requirements through which they will be authorized to submit income tax returns using their own software.

e-Return API

The e-Return API shall act as a liaison between the third-party systems and FBR system. The API shall accept validated information from authorized third-party software applications ensuring security measures. FBR shall provide each third party with a unique authentication key / credentials to send data. When the taxpayer submits e-return using a third-party platform, upon form submission, the e-Return API shall be called. The API shall authenticate the request by verifying key / credentials before receiving complete data to confirm that the incoming data is from a trustable vendor. On successful authentication, the API shall check vendor type. In case of intermediary, shall forward draft return to FBR system for further procedure. In case of authorized e-return partner, the API shall run validation rules. In case of any errors, the third-party system shall be notified through an error message and if not, the return shall be successfully submitted. Once return is received, FBR system update taxpayer and partner records and shall mark the third-party name as source of submission for the return information.


Liberated model provides a rapid and effective return filing process through a user friendly platform offered by registered third party vendors. Following are the set of steps to implement and avail Liberated Model with the help of e-Return API:

  1. Registration of Third Party Vendor [5]
  2. Understanding the Overall System Flow [6]
  3. Data Structures and Reference Data [7]
  4. API References [8]



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