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Liberated Model – System Flow

Business Process Overview [12]

Working with API’s to Develop Return Filing System


Working Environment

There will be two types of environments for API integration of third-party vendors.

Sandbox (Testing Environment)

Sandbox will be provided to the third parties for testing the provided solution / product. It will be a “Pre-Production” environment which will be used by third parties for their solution testing, training and intergration. It will be mendatory environment before getting authorization of the production / Real environment.

API’s intergration, input, output, db verification etc will be proformed in this pre-production environment before going public / production.

Production (Real Environment)

All properly tested and allowed solution with their authorization key shall be able to use the production enviormennt for sharing of data with FBR systems (Iris).

Acceptance of IT Return from Authorized Third-Party Software [14]

API’s FLOW [15]

Referential Data APIs

Referntial Data API’s are those which gathers additional information with Income tax / wealth statement data for better processing and understanding of assets and expenses.

Utility APIs

The Utility API’s are for verification of amount codes to be used in Return / Wealth Statement. [22]

Sumbit Return APIs

Submit Return API is the main API which will be taking all the data of following categories.

The mechanism shared with third parties for sending data to FBR systems for creating, providing, processing and filing of income tax returns. It shall have all the data of wealth statement, income tax return, attributes, attachments, etc, further details of amount codes are in Annex A [24] and Submit Return Json in Annex B. [25]

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