Liberated Model – Third-Party Vendor Registration

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How to be a Registered Third-Party Vendor

Third-Party registration shall be a manual process and will be divided in zones to facilitate the vendors from different part of the country.

  • Every firm / vendor shall be responsible to apply for registration with FBR to become a registered client for receiving Income Tax Returns 2019.
  • Relevant teams of FBR shall be responsible to evaluate the documents / information submitted by the firm / vendor.
  • After detailed evaluation selected firm(s) / vendor(s) shall be authorized to develop / launch their IT solutions for receiving Income Tax Returns 2019.

Document Verification

  • PRAL / FBR / Relevant resources from both FBR & PRAL shall be responsible to verify all the inputs / documents submitted for partnership.
  • Product / version Verification
  • PRAL / Relevant resources from both FBR & PRAL shall be responsible to evaluate the technical solution for e-filing of IT returns.
  • MOU / SLA shall be signed between FBR & Selected Vendor in accordance with defined Terms & Conditions. Selected party shall then be officially authorized to interact with technical resources of FBR (i.e. PRAL) to integrate their IT Solution with FBR’s IT Solution to receive Income Tax Return 2019 and onwards (If Required).

  • Step 1 – (Third Party vendor) applies to register as an authorized intermediary or e-return partner.
  • Step 2 – (FBR) evaluates request and verify vendor credibility,
    • In case the third-party is credible i.e. it meets authorization requirements; approves commercial partnership.
    • In case the third party does not qualify to become authorized e-return partner but is credible for intermediary, FBR notifies with reason.
    • In case it is not credible; the request shall be denied with reason for rejection.
  • Step 3 – (Third Party vendor) develops an e-return taxation system and requests Proof-of-Concept.
  • Step 4 – (FBR) authenticate software request and conduct Proof-of-Concept.
    • FBR accredits the third-party system if it meets the standards set by FBR for e-return certification and proceed to legal agreements.
    • If the system is substandard, report issues and rejection reasons.
  • Step 5 – (FBR) conduct legal agreements with third party vendor,
    • If the vendor agrees to all legal agreements and contracts, send notification of partnership for integrated scope.
      • (Third Party Vendor) receives authorization notification.
    • If the vendor does not agree,
      • (Third Party Vendor) receives non-compliance notification.
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