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Simplified Sales Tax Registration – Iris


A new and simplified functionality is provided under Iris website for the taxpayers to register for Sales Tax. Now Taxpayers can save time and instead of visiting RTO for sales tax registration they can simply fill in the registration form available on Iris after log in to Iris with their existing credentials. The Simplified Sales Tax Registration feature facilitates both manufactures and other than manufacturer categories.  Soon after successful registration the taxpayer will be able to make their Sales Tax Payments. However, in order to file Sales Tax Return the taxpayers need to get bio-metric verification within one month of sales tax registration by visiting e-Sahulat center of NADRA.

Getting Started

Iris is a web-based application and does not need any installation to get started. Simply type the URL in internet browser (preferred chrome) and user will be redirected to main login screen.

Please note that in order to avail Simplified Sales Tax Registration service, the user must be registered as taxpayer for Income Tax with valid credentials / Active account on Iris.

Signing On

Sales Tax Registration module can only be used after successful login. Registered taxpayer can Sign-In to application by using their individual/ AOP/ Company account credentials to register for sales tax.

Following are the steps to login/Sign-In iris web application:

  1. Access Iris through the URL https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/public/txplogin.xhtml [8] following screen will be displayed: [9]
  2. Enter your Registration No. / CNIC / NICOP No. in “Registration No.” field.
  3. Enter your “Password” (as received on email while registration) in provided field.
  4. Click the “Login” button, Application will verify user credentials and redirect user to main Iris dashboard after verification.

Sales Tax Registration

  1. After successful login, user will be redirected on Iris dashboard as shown below: [10]
  2. Hover the “Registration” tab from main menu, application will load the link for task “Simplified Sales Tax Registration” as shown in image provided below: [11]
  3. Click “14(1) Form of registration field voluntarily through Simplified Sales Tax” link. Iris will load sales tax registration task window for the user to select period/ tax year as shown below: [12]
  4. Click on calendar icon given in front of period field, application will load tax period search window as shown below: [13] [14]
  5. Please note that sales tax registration is available for current tax year and onwards. Enter the current Tax Year in “Tax Period” field and click “ [15]” button.  System will load Tax Period for selection as shown below: [16]
  6. Click the “Select” link provided in front of the tax period under action column. Application will redirect user on sales tax registration task window and by default the task window will load “Information” tab with registration number, email and cell number pre-filled in respective fields as per FBR Record as shown below: [17]
  7. In case of individual, the logged in user cannot change Registration No. Email and Cell No. however if the logged in account belongs to Company or AOP, the application will ask user to enter “CNIC of Member / Director / Principal Officer” in provided field as shown below: [18]
  8. For Company/AOP, as soon as user enters CNIC the application will verify the CNIC and send a verification code on registered mobile. In order to verify the CNIC enter the received SMS code in provided field and click verify as shown below: [19]
  9. Select “Type” from the radio options given as manufacturer and non-manufacturer. Selection of type is mandatory for all Individual/Company or AOP.
  10. Now click on “Bank Account” tab of the task window, application will load bank account information details form. To add information of bank account click on  [20] click  button at the right most column of the form as shown below: [21]
  11. Following dialog window will be displayed to enter bank account information: [22]
  12. Enter bank account information and click “Ok” button. User can add multiple accounts by repeating the same process. To mark a primary account, enable the “Primary Account Check” provided in front of respective bank account information as shown below: [23]
  13. To add business details, Click on “Business” tab of the task window and click   button at the right most column of the form as shown below: [24]
  14. In add business window enter business name, acquisition date and select capacity from the dropdown list as show below: [25]
  15. To add business activity click on [20] button at the right most column under Activities section, system will load business activity dialog as shown below: [26] [27]
  16. Enter business activity details and click “Ok” button to add business activity record. Taxpayer can enter multiple business activity records by following the same process. Make sure to enable the check to mark principal activity and ST option while adding record as shown below: [28][Please note that for every business record, there must be one activity added and marked as principal activity under activities section.]
  17. After adding activities details, click “Ok” to save business record. Taxpayer can enter multiple business records by repeating the same process however to register for sales tax at least one business record is mandatory.
  18. Once the business record is successfully added, user can edit information by a click to select the desired record for editing, system will highlight the record selection as shown below: [29]
  19. Click on Edit icon to edit business information, system will load saved information in edit mode on business details window as shown below: [30]
  20. To link property information/ business/ branches address for selected business record, click on [20] button at the right most column against specified business record as show below to open property window: [31]
  21. From property window, user can either search and link the property details already saved in the system or click on “Add Other property” link to add new property information as shown below: [32]To add /modify property details directly, click on “Property” tab, the application will load property window where user can add property details by clicking on   [20] button at the right most column as shown below: [33][Property added through property tab will also be listed under link property window for the tax payer to link with relevant business. Every business must have at least one address/property linked with it for sales tax registration]
  22. Add property details on provided form and click “Ok” button to save property information as shown below: [34]
  23. The linked property will start appearing under “Business Properties” section where user can remove the link by click on delete button icon given in front of property record under business properties grid as shown below: [35][Please note that to view business activities and business properties details, user needs to select the specific business record listed under “Businesses” where system will mark the selection by highlighting the selected record in yellow colour. i.e. if you are unable to view business activities or property detail, first click on desired business record to get the linked details]
  24. After adding business details, click on “Utility” tab of the task window to add utility connections detail for linked property with the business as shown below: [36][Please note that the utility tab will not show any properties unless they are linked as Business Properties]
  25. Click on relevant local business address record under “Utility” tab to highlight selection then click on  [20] button at the right most column against specified property record as show below to open utility connections window:
  26. Add Utility connections details in provided window and click “Ok” button to save record as shown below: [38]
  27. Repeat the same steps to add all related utility connections details against selected business property/address.
  28. Click on “Attachments” tab of the task window to attach required documents for completing sales registration process as shown below: [39][The person getting registered (either Manufacturer or other than Manufacturer), is required to upload a scanned copy of the “Bank Account Certificate” and photographs / images of the business premises. However pictures of machineries and at least one picture of each utilities meter is mandatory for Manufacturers]
  29. Click on [20] button provided under “Action” column against specified document description to attach respective image as shown below: [40]
  30. After attaching all required images as listed under attachments section click on “Save” button given on top menu as shown below:
    [41][Please note that a saved task can be accessed for further editing and later submit from the draft section of main Iris dashboard.]
  31. Click on “Submit” button as shown below to submit the completed sales tax registration form. Please note that once submitted, the registration form will be no longer editable. [42]

[43]Note: User can initiate sales tax payment request soon after submitting the sales tax registration form however user may not able to file sales tax return unless completed the biometric verification.

Bio-Metric Verification

In order to file their Sales Tax Returns, the persons registered using the Simplified Sales Tax Registration application, would be required to visit an e-Sahulat Center of NADRA within one month from the date of registration for bio-metric verification. Upon successful verification within provided time period the taxpayer shall be allowed to file their Sales Tax Returns. In case the person is unable to perform biometric verification then they shall be removed from the (Sales Tax) Active Taxpayer List.

Physical Verification

In case of manufacturers, the existing physical verification process (of their business premises, utility meter reference numbers and/or title deeds etc.) would take place after registration.

In both cases (Manufacturer or other than Manufacturer categories), an authorized tax officer would be allowed to initiate a request for the taxpayer to provide any missing document or assist in the verification of any documentation / information provided in the simplified sales tax registration application within 15 days. In case the taxpayer fails to comply, they would be taken off the (Sales Tax) Active Taxpayer List.

Special Instructions for ERROR Correction

In case user is unable to view menu options in main menu or face session expiry due to timeout or internet disconnection, user needs to confirm internet availability and then re-login Iris application with valid credentials.