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Tax Asaan is a mobile application provides the facility of generating PSIDs for Income Tax and Sales Tax payments along with the additional facility of paying taxes online directly through designated bank accounts using Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) with or without login into Tax Asaan application.


Taxpayers can conveniently create the Payment Slips (PSIDs) for Income Tax and Sales Tax using Tax Asaan by following steps: 

  1. Tap on “Payment” tab from the left panel menu, Application will load an “e-Payment” sub tab.
  2. Tap on “e-Payment” tab under “Payments” tab, Application will redirect user on e-payments page as shown below:
  3. Select the “Type of payment” as Income Tax / Sales Tax or Federal Excise, application will load form fields according to the selected payment type. To create Sales Tax, the user must have Sales Tax Registration No. Application will not allow to create Sales Tax Payment by using Income Tax Registration No.
    • Please not that for both Income Tax and Sales Tax, Type of payment and Registration No. is mandatory. As soon as user provide Registration No. the application will load Name, Office and Business Name based on already stored information with FBR records. Similarly Tax Year is mandatory for both Income Tax and Sales Tax however Tax month is only required for Sales Tax. Tax Month Field will remain disabled for Income Tax as not required.
  4. Enter required Information in provided fields and click “Next” button (mandatory fields have been marked with *).In case, the user has signed in into Tax Asaan using Sign In option, then the Taxpayer Profile will already be filled in and locked. Email and Phone No. fields are mandatory if user is using application without login. For users already Logged in to Tax Asaan will have Email and Phone No. as optional field. They can change the Email and Phone No. as well while creating a payment through Tax Asaan.Payment Codes field appear for Sales Tax payment form only and user needs to enter amount against respective Payment Codes.
  5. After providing payment amount, user needs to select the “Payment Mode”. Available Payment Modes are Cash, Cheque, Pay Order and ADC. User can select only one Payment Mode for a payment at a time. ADC payment Mode will be available along with other Payment Modes for both guest users and logged in users so that they can made payments directly from their registered bank accounts. Email is mandatory for not logged in user while using ADC as payment mode while phone number is optional in this case. Users that are logged in must enter both Phone number and email to proceed with ADC payment mode.
  6. Make sure to mark the agreement confirmation check box as enabled to submit the payment form (Please note that once submitted, the payment information will not be editable. To change any information before submitting, click “Back” button provided in bottom left corner of the application screen).
  7. Click “Submit” button provided in the bottom right corner of the application screen. The application will create a Payment slip ID followed by SMS and Email alert as provided in payments details by the tax payer and will redirect user on share PSID page as shown below:
  8. Click on share icon to share PSID using available options like WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS etc. or Email as shown below:

My Payments

My Payments section is available for logged in users only. To view all payments of last 30 days, sign in to Tax Asaan with your registered account and click on link of “My Payments” provided under main tab of Payments.

User can search desired payment information by search through payment type and payment status as shown in below screen.


Special Instructions for ERROR Correction

In case user is unable to view all menu options in left panel or only “Sign In” option is listed in left panel then there must be some issue with the internet connectivity. To resolve this error, check internet connectivity and Close and Re-Run Tax Asaan mobile application.


3 comments on Tax Asaan – e-Payments

  1. I am a govt servant I am already pay text in advance .now what I write in payment mode cash ;chaque;pay order or ADC.please inform me

    1. Dear M. Saeed,
      As you have already paid your Tax in Advance (i.e. Deducted from your salary at source), we believe you do not need to generate payment. If you have some Taxes that are required to be paid other than Tax Deduction from your salary, then you may need to use e-Payment feature. For detailed guidance, please call at FBR Helpline or email at

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