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To facilitate taxpayers, FBR has introduced a simplified wizard based Income Tax Return filing mechanism as a new feature of Tax Asaan mobile application. This feature will help taxpayer to proceed step by step utilizing interactive questions for return filing, even familiarizing the taxpayer with the various issues related to tax and giving the best possible experience to file IT Return. The wizard based solution takes care of Salaried and Business Individual Income Tax Return for resident/non-Resident taxpayers. The mobile application enables the taxpayer to draft the return offline giving them freedom and flexibility to file their return at their own convenience anywhere and at any time however to perform calculations and in order to submit the IT Return, internet connectivity is required by the application.

Getting Started

Tax Asaan is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download and gets installed on one tap. Once installed, you can find the application icon under your mobile Apps list. Simply tap on the application icon to get started and view the home screen as shown below:

Signing On

“Income Tax Return’ module can only be used after successful login. Registered user can Sign-In to application by using their valid account credentials to file Income Tax Return.

Following are the steps to login/Sign-In Tax Asaan mobile application:

  1. Click on the hamburger button provided on the top right corner of the home screen to view the main menu. The application will load a left panel with list of all available features along with the option to sign-in.
  2. Tap on “Sign in” option from the left panel to navigate to the Sign in screen as shown below:
  3. Enter “CNIC/NTN” and “Password” then click on Login button to sign in as shown below:Please note that you will need to use Login ID and Password as that of Iris. If you are not registered with FBR on Iris then use Iris Web portal for New Registration.

 Income Tax Return

On successful sign in, the registered user name will appear on left panel replacing the “Sign In” option along with the available option of “Income Tax Return” for the signed in user as shown below:

User can reach Income Tax Return page either from click on “Income tax Return” menu option from the left panel or can directly click on “Income Tax Return” tile from main dashboard as shown below:

Income Tax Return for Resident Pakistani Taxpayers

After successful login to Tax Asaan mobile application, follow these easy steps to file Income Tax Return:

  1. Tap on Income Tax Return tab, Application will redirect user IT Return Type selection page as shown below:
  2. Click Normal or Salaried return icon based on your requirement (i.e. Salaried in case more than 50% of total income is from salary only, otherwise select normal return). On selection the Proceed button will get enabled as shown below:
  3. Click on “proceed” button, application will redirect user on Income Tax Return year selection page as shown below:
  4. Click on the provided Tax year options shown on the screen to file income tax return for the selected tax year. Application will mark the tax year selection by highlighting the tax year and will redirect user on resident status screen as shown below:
  5. Click on “Resident” (or “Non-Resident”) tile to select the desired category, application will load sources of income page as residence status selection as shown below:
  6. To enter data under relevant source of income click on desired source tile i.e. “Annual Salary” as shown below:[Please note that in case no source of income or to skip this step enable the check provided as “I don’t have any income from Salary and allownces” or click continue to move to next step.]
  7. As soon as taxpayer click on any of the provided source of income options, the application will redirect taxpayer on data entry page of selected source as shown below for “Annual Salary”:
  8. Enter details in provided fields and click “Save and Back” button, application will save provided data and redirect user back to source of income page. You can add data against multiple source of income by repeating the same process and selecting each source of income one by one. Once you add data under any source of income, the application will load edit and delete option to modify or remove the data entered under that category / source as shown below:
  9. To edit data added under the specific source of income click on edit button as shown below, the application will redirect taxpayer on edit source of income information page.
  10. To delete all information under a specific source of income click on delete button as shown below, the application will remove all records added under the selected source.[Please note that the system will not show edit/delete buttons for a source if there is NO record added under the selected category.]
  11. Click on “Annual deductions on salary” tab to add deductions or tax collected on salary. Application will load deductions page as shown below:
  12. Enter amount in provided fields for deductions and click “Save and Back” to save deductions information. Application will redirect user back on main salary and allowances page.
  13. After adding all information for the salary and deductions click on “continue” button to move on next step for return filing as shown below:[Please note that you can go back to previous step i.e. source of income page by using back button.]
  14. On continue, application will load “Income other than salary” page. Tax payer can add relevant information as applicable under the provided source and click “continue” to move on next step.
  15. After adding Salary/Income details, application will load section to add Tax Reductions where taxpayer can add tax reductions (if any) under provided options as shown below:
  16. Next step after adding Tax Reductions is to add Tax Deductions. Click on desired option to enter tax deductions detail as shown below:
  17. Application will redirect user on details page of selected tax deduction option i.e. following options will be listed when taxpayer click on “vehicle” option under tax deductions page:
  18. Click on “Private Vehicle Token Tax” option to add token tax information, application will load Vehicle Token tax form as shown below:
  19. Enter Information in provided fields. User can click on “add another” button to add multiple records. All saved records will be listed under the same page from where the user can edit or delete already saved records as shown below:
  20. Click “Save and Back” button to go back to vehicle tax deduction options. You can add data against multiple tax deduction options by repeating the same steps.
  21. After adding all details under tax deductions, click on “Continue” button to move to the next step for filing tax return as shown below:
  22. Application will redirect user on “Wealth Statement” page as shown below:
  23. Tap on Inflows icon, Application will redirect the tax payer to Inflows section. Enter Amount in provided fields and click “Save and Back” as shown below:
  24. Click on “Assets” icon to enter net worth of your Assets for previous and current year, enter amount in provided fields and click “Save and Back” as shown below:
  25. Now click on “outflows” icon to enter expense amount in provided fields and click “Save and Back” as shown below:
  26. After adding details of Inflows, Assets and Outflows, click on Continue button to reconcile assets. Application will load reconciliation page as shown below:[Please note that if application load reconciliation error then click on back button to edit and correct assets record in order to remove error and process again.]
  27. On successful reconciliation, click on continue button to move to next step for filing return.
  28. If the taxpayer has some payable tax calculated by the application after reconciliation process then taxpayer will be redirected to the following screen from where the taxpayer has to attach payment receipts:
  29. Click on “Attach Payment” link , the application will redirect user on “Attach Payments” screen before submitting the return as shown below:[Taxpayer can attach multiple CPRs against the due amount however application will only allow taxpayer to submit return after attaching CPRs equivalent or greater than the due tax amount.]
  30. Once the payments receipts are attached or after reconciliation the taxpayer does not have any tax due at his/her return then application will redirect user on declaration screen as shown below:
  31. Click on “Submit” button to submit return. Please note that once submitted, you will not be able to do any further modification in return. On successfully submitting return application will redirect user on return summary report with a success message as shown below:You can also view the summary at any stage (during Return preparation) by Clicking the icon.

Income Tax Return for Non-Resident Pakistani Taxpayers

To file Income Tax Return as Non-resident taxpayer, the process of return filing will remain same as of resident taxpayer. Only the tax payer has to select the option as “Non-resident” from the application screen after selection of Tax Year as shown below:

[Please note the all steps of return filing are pre-configured and will appear accordingly as per user’s selected option.]

View Income Tax Return Summary

Tax payer can view the summary of all entered information in income tax return at any time or step during the return filing process. To view return summary, click on the expand options icon on top left corner of the screen as shown below:

Special Instructions for ERROR Correction

In case user is unable to view all menu options in left panel or only “Sign In” option is listed in left panel then there must be some issue with the internet connectivity. To resolve this error, check internet connectivity and Close and Re-Run Tax Asaan mobile application.


This system does not support any reporting capability right now however users can only view information specific to provided NTN/Registration Numbers as per available inquiry features in Tax Asaan mobile application.




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