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Tax Asaan – POS Invoice Verification


Tax Asaan is a mobile application with selected functionality of Iris web application. This mobile application provides the taxpayers a quick and on-the-go access of basic verification features like Active Taxpayers List (ATL), Online NTN/STRN Inquiry, Income Tax and Sales Tax Registration, Exemption Certificate and CPR Utilization Status etc.

A new functionality to verify Point of Sale (POS) invoices is provided under Tax Asaan mobile application as “Verify Invoice” feature. This verification service will help users to verify bills/invoices received from POS. User needs to enter only invoice number or scan the QR code and click verify. On successful verification the application will return all information of the provided invoice number. In case of unsuccessful verification, user can also report the unverified invoice number to FBR through Tax Asaan – Report Invoice feature for further action.

Getting Started

Tax Asaan is available for both Android and iOS platforms for free download and gets installed on one tap. Once installed, you can find the application icon under your mobile Apps list. Simply tap on the application icon to get started.

Verify Invoice

  1. Tap on Tax Asaan Application icon from your phone screen to launch Tax Asaan. After establishing connection over the internet, application will load Tax Asaan Dashboard as shown below: [5]
  2. Click on “Verify Invoice” icon from the dashboard as shown below: [6]
  3. Application will redirect user on invoice verification form as shown below: [7]
  4. Enter Invoice Number or click on QR code icon to scan the invoice code. On scanning, application will display the code in Invoice Number field. After providing invoice number click on “Verify” button.
  5. On successful verification, application will display all information of provided invoice number as shown below: [8]
  6. In case of verification failure, the application will load message for asking the user if he/she wants to report the unverified invoice number to FBR for further action as shown below: [9]
  7. Click on “Yes” button if you want to report the unverified invoice number. Application will redirect user on “Report Invoice” form as shown below. Click “No” if you do not want to report the Invoice number and return back to repeat/terminate the verification process. [10]
  8. Enter Invoice number, Shop Name, Shop Address and select City name from the provided dropdown list.
  9. Click on “Attachment” button to attach scanned copy or image of the specified invoice (optional).
  10. After providing desired information in provided input fields click on “Submit” button to report invoice. Application will load success message as shown below to confirm reporting unverified invoice for further action. [11]

Report Invoice

Report invoice form can be retrieved directly from the Tax Asaan Mobile application dashboard as shown below or through redirection by the application after unsuccessful invoice verification as stated earlier. [12]

User needs to enter required information on Report Invoice form to report unverified invoice as shown below: [10]

Special Instructions for ERROR Correction

In case user is unable to view all menu options in left panel or application dashboard then there must be some issue with the internet connectivity. To resolve this error, check internet connectivity and Close and Re-Run Tax Asaan mobile application.