How to submit application for certificate of residence

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This article shall give a brief account of the steps which shall be taken by the tax payers to submit application for obtaining a certificate of residence.

Tax payer shall follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to IRIS, enter your Registration Number and Password.
  2. After logging in, you shall land on the main screen.
  3. Now from the top menu bar, click on Registration.
  4. From Registration Drop down menu, click on Application For Obtaining Certificate of Residence (COR) under Rule 19A.
  5. Task for application will open.
  6. Select tax year by Clicking on Period button.
  7. Enter tax period and click on Select.
  8. After selecting tax period, Contents tab will open.
  9. The contents tab contains pre written text with blank spaces left for the user to fill.
  10. Fill the spaces with accurate information.
  11. After filling the information, Click on Attachment tab.
  12. In Attachment tab you will add the following documents in support of your application.
  13. Proof of earning of income in foreign country (mandatory).
  14. Copy of CNIC (mandatory).
  15. Copy of NTN Certificate (mandatory).
  16. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable).
  17. Copy of the Income Tax Return for the latest tax year (if applicable).
  18. File types marked as mandatory, should be provided in any case or the system will not allow to submit the application.
  19. Tax payer can attach multiple files with all mentioned document types.
  20. Click on Add sign to attach relevant document.
  21. After attaching documents click on Verification tab.
  22. In verification tab tax payer will provide verification of the information that is provided in the application.
  23. Tax payer will provide Name, CNIC Number, Capacity and Pin code.
  24. After verification is provided successfully, tax payer will submit the application by clicking the submit button.
  25. The application will be moved to the Outbox folder.
  26. Now the concerned authority will review the application and upon review a decision will be made.
  27. Taxpayer shall receive the decision in Completed folder with task description “Order to issue Certificate of Residence by Competent Authority under Rule 19A”.
  28. Click the attribute tab, and system shall display Decision either “Accepted” or “Rejected”

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