Providing explanation on notice received for payment of tax not deducted / collected u/s 161(1A)

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If a taxpayer receives Notice to Pay Tax not Collected/Deducted) 161(1A), He/she can give an explanation on the notice by performing following steps.

  1. Login to IRIS, enter your Registration Number and Password.
  2. After logging in, user shall land on the main screen.
  3. The task of notice is placed in the “Inbox” of tax payer, under “Recovery”.
  4. Upon clicking task relevant actions i.e. View and Reply options will be enabled.
  5. To view the contents of the notice, click on “View” button.
  6. System will display “Contents” tab.
  7. Contents tab will display the written correspondence from the tax officer.
  8. After Contents tab, open “Ledger” tab.
  9. Ledger tab will contain transaction history of the tax payer.
  10. To view attachments, click on “Attachment” tab.
  11. For Assignment Ref How to create an assignment in Iris.
  12. Now close the window. System will move to main screen.
  13. From main screen,click on “Reply” button.
  14. “Reply Task” window will open.
  15. Click on “Select” button against 161(1A)(Explanation on payment of tax not deducted/collected)
  16. System will open “Contents” tab.
  17. In contents tab, tax payer will provide written explanation to the tax officer.
  18. If tax payer wants to attach files with explanation, click on “Attachments” tab.
  19. Now to submit the task, click on “Submit” button.
  20. Task will be assigned to the concerned tax officer for further processing and will be placed in the tax payer’s outbox.


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