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How to Revise Statement of Biannual Withholding Tax u/s 165(1)

This article shall give a brief account of the steps which shall be taken by the taxpayers to submit a revision of biannual withholding statement. This article shall help those withholding agents who want to revise their already submitted biannual withholding statement. 

Note: For submitting the revised “165(1) Statement of Biannual Withholding taxes field after revision”, the user must have already submitted “165(1) (Statement of Biannual withholding taxes filed voluntarily”.

The withholding agent shall follow the steps given below:

  1. Login [1] to IRIS, enter your registration number and password.
  2. After logging in, you shall land on the main screen.
  3. Now from the top menu bar, click on “Withholding/Advance Tax”.
  4. Statements / Forms of “Withholding/Advance Tax” shall be displayed.
  5. To submit a statement for revision in  Biannual Withholding Statement, click on “165(1) Statement of Biannual Withholding taxes field after revision.
  6. By clicking on “165(1) Statement of Biannual Withholding taxes field after revision“, the task for the statement will open.
  7. To select the tax period, click on “Period” button.
  8. Enter the desired tax year and then click “Search” icon and then select the desired biannual tax period.
  9. After selecting tax period, you will land on “Data” tab.
  10. In data tab, you can add more entries manually in “Adjustable Tax” and “Final / Fixed / Minimum / Average / Relevant / Reduced Tax” sections by clicking on “+” icon. (Ref: Enter Your Transaction Details (Indirect Data Entry through dialog)) [2].
  11. Now by clicking “Calculate” button, system will calculate and display values in “Receipts/ Value” and “Tax Chargeable” fields.
  12. Now under “Tax Chargeable / Payments” menu click on “Computations”. Following screen will appear:
  13. On this screen, you will get all the computed details of withholding income tax by clicking on the “Calculate” button.
  14. System will display the calculated amount in “Amount Subject to Normal Tax” field.
  15. Now click on the “Withholding Tax” tab to enter data in bulk by importing an excel file.
  16. In withholding tax tab, you can revise the existing transaction details or can delete the existing transaction details. You can add transaction details through excel file (Ref: Enter Your Transaction Details (Direct Data Entry through Excel File)) [3].
  17.  Click on “edit” icon to modify the existing details.
  18. Upon Clicking on “edit” icon, the following dialog shall open and the taxpayer can revise the highlighted fields:
  19.  Click on “delete” icon to delete the exiting transaction details.
  20.  Upon Clicking on “delete” icon, the following confirmation dialog shall open:
  21. By clicking on “Yes” button, the existing transaction details shall be deleted.
  22. Click “Payment” tab for selecting Computerized Payment Receipts that have been issued by Bank to withholding agent against withholding tax deposited during the selected tax year.
  23. You can add payment clicking on the “+” icon.
  24. Now,click on “Withholding Summary” tab for viewing withholding tax statement details. (Ref: View Withholding Statement Details (Summary) [4]).
  25. You can delete transactions by clicking on the delete icon.
  26.  Now click on  in “Verification” tab to enter the relevant information for verification. (Ref: Enter Verification Information [5])
  27. After adding all details and verification, you shall now submit the application.
  28. Click “Submit” button to submit the revised withholding statement.
  29. After submission, the application will be moved to the Completed Tasks folder.