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Iris – Declaration of Builder / Developer

Registration as Builder / Developer


This module is available under Iris web application for declaration of existing and new Builders and Developers as per Tax Laws (Amendment) Ordinance No.1 of 2020 dated 19-04-2020.

Following are the steps to fill in registration application/ task using Iris web application for declaration of builders and developers:

  1. Access Iris through the URL https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/public/txplogin.xhtml [1], following login screen will be displayed: [2]
  2. Enter your Registration No. / CNIC / NICOP No. in “Registration No.” field.
  3. Enter your “Password” (as received on email while registration) in provided field.
  4. Click the “Login” button as shown below: [3]
  5. After successful login, user will be redirected on Iris dashboard. Click on “Registration”  option from top right corner of the Iris mega menu as shown below: [4]
  6. From the “Registration drop down menu, Click “Builder /Developer” option as shown below: [5]
  7. Iris will redirect taxpayer on “Builder/Developer” registration task window as shown below where taxpayer can see “property” tab opened by default: [6]
  8. Click on “Builder/Developer” tab to proceed with registration task, following window will appear”: [7]
  9. To add project details, Press + button from the left most corner under projects head. Application will load following screen to add project details: [8]
  10. Enter required information in provided field under “Basic information & Annex-B” head. Please note that “Annexure-B” fields are mandatory only if taxpayer has selected “Existing” for project nature field as shown below: [9]
  11. After adding project details, press “Next” button. Application will redirect user on “Investments” tab as shown below: [10]
  12. To add information about money invested, click on + button under “Money Invested” section. Application will load window to add information of money invested as shown below: [11]
  13. Provided required Information and press “ok” button to save record.
  14. Similarly to add information for “Land Invested”, Click on + button under section titled as Land Invested. Application will load following window: [12]
  15. Provided required Information and press “Ok” button to save information of land invested.
  16. After providing Money and Land Invested details, Click on “Next” button to proceed. Application will load attachments window as shown below to attach required documents: [13]
  17. Click on + button to upload “Transfer deed of Land” file, following window will appear: [14]
  18. Attach related file through provided window and press “Ok” as shown below: [15]
  19. Follow the same step to attach FBR Rates, Certificate of Registration, Approval document of project and certificate by NESPAK.
  20. Please note that attachment for “Approval document of project” is optional at this stage but the project will be granted temporarily registered status until this document is uploaded. Complete registration will only come into effect upon submission of requisite documents and verification of antecedents by the commissioner.
  21. After making all required attachments, click on “Finish” button to save record as shown below: [16]
  22. Application will display saved record under Builder/Developer tab.
  23. In the end click on “Verification” tab to verify the provided information, application will load following verification screen: [17]
  24. Enter correct pin in provided field and press “Verify Pin” button as shown below:
  25. Please note that without verification, taxpayer will not be able to submit the “Registration as Builder/Developer” task.
  26. Click on “Save” button as shown below to save the task as draft for future editing. [18]
  27. After completion and verification, Click on “Submit” button as shown below to submit the “Registration as Builder/Developer” task. Please note that once submitted, taxpayer may not be able to edit information in provided task. [19]
  28. To get the print of declaration, Click on Print button as shown below. Application will load the printable version of provided information by the taxpayer where the registration status will be visible as well. [20]