Liberated Model – Taxpayer Authentication

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Taxpayer Authentication Process

While registering with third party solution, taxpayer will be required to verify his/her identity from FBR registration data. With the help of this authentication process, taxpayer and third parties shall be bounded to bear any security breaches at their end before sending data to the PRAL.

OTP (One Time Password) Authentication via SMS

Third-party solution is required to display following declaration and submit the same to FBR system after successful SMS verification and registration.

Following use case shall be applied for to complete this process:

Step-1 Taxpayer shall check the checkbox to accept the declaration. System shall enable “My CNIC/NTN” data field.

Step-2 Taxpayer shall provide his/her CNIC or NTN in case of Company, AOP or foreign individuals and shall press “Generate SMS Code” button to receive OTP (One Time Password) on his/her latest registered mobile number with FBR. If a taxpayer is registered and active taxpayer, then they will send him a random OTP on his/her cell number for verification of his identity. Incase taxpayer does not get any OTP code within 2 minutes then “Resend” button will be enabled.

Step-3 Taxpayer shall provide OTP received on his/her cell and provide in “SMS Code” data field with in 15 mins of its generation and press “Verify” button.

Step-4 FBR system shall match received OTP with OTP sent on taxpayer cell and reply with success or failure.

Step-5 Third-party solution shall abort the process on receipt of failure with appropriate message. In case of successful matching, system shall proceed for rest of registration and on successful registration, system shall submit above declaration to FBR system using relevant web-service.

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