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How to file application for Sales Tax Refund

How to file application of Sales Tax Refund

This article provides information regarding Sales Tax Refunds auto processing through FASTER System. The process is fully automated and does not require any manual or human intervention. Payments through FASTER System will be processed within 72 hrs, In case of any discrepancy found during the processing, the taxpayers will be notified on registered mobile number through SMS alerts.

To avail the facility, Access eFBR Portal (https://e.fbr.gov.pk [1]). Following login screen will be displayed: [2]

Enter your valid account credentials and click “Login”. System will redirect you on eFBR main dashboard as shown below: [3]

Select “Declaration” for Sales Tax to file Annex – H. Please note that auto refund processing is available only in Sales Tax Return for 2019 and onward.

From right panel, select the tax year and click Annex-H. System shall redirect you on Annex-H page as shown below: [4]

Please note that after filing Annex-H, system starts refund process. However, the refund claim may get sanctioned or deferred as per process evaluation on later stages.